At Picklesburgh 2016, I worked to manage the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Demo Area on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Leading up to the festival, we managed another team member in charge of demo outreach, purchased necessary goods through a sponsorship, and then ran the demo area working with our event production team in order to execute a smooth turnover of demonstrators along with an engaging visual presentation.

Duties included pre-event day planning, purchasing, set decorating, stage management, and hosting the demonstration area.

Picklesburgh Demo Area
Picklesburgh Demo Area Stage Managers

Pittsburgh Irish Festival

At the 2015 Pittsburgh Irish Festival, I managed non-alcoholic beverage distribution between over 13 vendors and a variety of food/drink distribution locations over the large festival footprint.

This involved coordinating with vendors in the day prior to the event to gauge initial distribution estimates, then constantly being in communication with them during the festival to prioritize deliver needs as they arose. At the end, a full accounting and inventory took place to settle with each of the individual vendors.


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