Final SAEM Internship Paper – July 30, 2015

Download the full paper here: SAEM Internship Final Paper (PDF Download)

As the Marketing and Special Events Intern, my duties within the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership ranged from working outside at events to performing administrative work inside the office. Whenever I was at events, duties centered around managing our promotional booth: ensuring we had a proper display of literature with information about Downtown, being the center point of contact for the event, and interacting with the general public/event attendees.

Included with this, however, was assisting for event prep, set-up, and tear-down. Everything from managing the load-in done by our Clean Team to the set-up of vendors and exhibitors was under the management of my supervisor, our other intern, and myself.

Inside the office, duties ranged greatly, and “the ability to multitask” as a skill on the job description is as apt as any description I can think of for the position. In a typical work day, I would be attending staff meetings, social media planning meetings, and e-newsletter publishing meetings.

I was managing our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) two of the seven days of the week, which meant writing countless posts weekly for over 60,000 followers. I wrote articles about events going on in Downtown, our own initiatives, and reviews of Downtown establishments while putting together the weekly newsletter in MailChimp, an email distribution service.

I interacted with various Downtown organizations to organize Pop-Up Play, where we loan out our giant games (adult sized Jenga, Connect Four, and Chess) to employee fairs, festivals, and events around the city. I updated our website and events calendar, seeking out events occurring in Downtown, while also keeping track of upcoming conventions to keep local business owners in the loop.

In addition, I assisted whenever and wherever I could, with administrative tasks like helping our VP of Marketing carry props to KDKA studios (which included coffee and a career discussion – I’m not one to miss out on one-on-one opportunities) to delivering balloons for an upcoming press conference to getting permits and variances signed in the City County Building.

Accomplishments could include the growth of my social media skills. I can add Hootsuite to my resume, along with MailChimp and Geocities (a popular web management tool for cities and location-based organizations). With the over 2,400 individual tweets, 240 Facebook posts, and various e-newsletter articles I’ve written, my writing has gotten stronger just from practice of writing every day I’m at work. In addition, I led an Instagram contest to grow our following which resulted in adding over 400 followers within the course of 5 days (1700 – 2100).

Accomplishments could also include my thriving in a traditional office environment. Before the PDP, I have never worked somewhere with an Administrative Assistant and phone extensions and meeting rooms and cubicles. Working with the PDP has acclimated to me to both the event and office environments, which has been incredibly valuable to how I carry myself and how prepared I am for my future career.

Adding to these, I feel proud and excited that the VP of Special Events and our VP of Marketing has asked Caitlyn, our other intern, and myself to spearhead the proof-of-delivery presentations for our Picklesburgh sponsors. This is forcing me to learn a lot about TV mentions, radio spots, press releases, deliverables, and more, which will stick with me more than if I were to just try and learn about sponsorship and what comes with that in class.

One additional accomplishment I am particularly proud of (trivial as it may seem) is that two of the tweets I have written were used in articles by brandchannel, regarding our Picklesburgh festival4.

All in all, I am also excited that I have been able to manage this internship with two other jobs and classes, and am ready and thrilled to see what I can accomplish when I am able to dedicate my time and attention fully on my career.