#LoveDowntownPitt Campaign Branding

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The #LoveDowntownPitt social media campaign was created by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to invite Downtown workplaces and their employees to share what they love about working in Downtown. Whether it be because of the arts, atmosphere, or architecture, Downtown Pittsburgh is the ideal place for local business to create, inspire, and thrive.

I was tasked with creating a campaign logo, 30-second ad for social, and various images to use across social media. The concepts above eventually turned into the final logo, seen at the top of the page.

In addition to a logo, I also created various imagery for use in social media, along with an energetic video designed to inspire content engagement and creation.

Campaign graphic as seen on DowntownPittsburgh.com:
LoveDowntownPitt website
Images for Instagram:
Additional images for social:

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